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> fashion goddess Lingerie Wholesale, Lingerie Wholesale
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Мы поставляем все типы белье оптом, такие как: Babydoll & сорочке, бюстгальтер белье и комплекты бикини, корсеты и Bustiers
Китай Белье Оптовая
Link: http://www.fashion-goddess.com

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Sexy-lingerie.com knows your moods and tastes vary as do your choices in sexy lingerie. From leather lingerie to sheer lingerie, bridal lingerie to trashy lingerie we offer you a wide selection of women's lingerie to choose from. (Of course categories like bridal lingerie and trashy lingerie aren't mutually exclusive. Why not add some hot, trashy or leather lingerie on your honeymoon? Sounds like fun to us!) Of course with so many choices it may help to narrow down what you really want, to find just the right piece of lingerie that will help you walk into the bedroom feeling as sexy as a Victoria Secret's Lingerie model. Let's start with some basic questions.

1-What makes you feel sexy?
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For some women thong lingerie makes them feel sexy while other women feel over-exposed in a thong, so our advice is don't deny what makes you feel sexy-regardless of what kinds of lingerie look good on other women. Also ask yourself, what look are you craving? Are you in the mood for long, flowing fantasy lingerie? Then sheer lingerie may be a good choice. But what if you are in more of a naughty erotic lingerie mood? Then our black lingerie, leather lingerie and vinyl lingerie sets might be the best place to start. In a playful mood? Check out all our lingerie sets with garter belts. There is nothing like crossing your legs and letting someone catch a glimpse of garter. So many of our styles like baby doll lingerie and teddies come in a range of looks-from serious and exotic to sheer and playful, so that you can find what you want to create that sense of unstoppable sexiness for yourself!

2-What are your assets?

Modesty aside, we all have sexy assets. Sure, sure some women "hate" their butts or their thighs or what have you, but we all know we've got our strong points and choosing sexy lingerie is all about highlighting those! Sexy feet? Why not get a garter belt lingerie set with hose so that your lover will have to roll your hose down and notice that sexy pedicure? One woman thinks of her best asset as her blue eyes. So why not consider a light blue lingerie set that really sets them off? Small waist? You may want to look at our corset and bustier collection. Large breasts? Definitely go for our bras and lingerie with support that can lift and flatter your assets. We all have great features and sometimes part of feeling sexy is showing them off!

3-What areas of your body do you feel most uncomfortable about?sexy underwear
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We usually all have areas that we don't want to show off too. The right sexy lingerie-like a good friend- will not only draw attention to your assets but be forgiving of your "flaws." For instance, sheer lingerie is practically every woman's friend, especially when it skims over the body. Baby doll lingerie also often works well for skimming over one's midsection and hips. One woman with long legs who didn't like her waist line looked great in sexy lingerie sets with shorts while another woman who had a small waist but felt self-conscious about having an A cup size looked fantastic in a push up corset. . Also check out our plus-size lingerie because having lingerie that fits rather than pinches helps show off sexy curves. With an online lingerie store- you can browse over hundreds of lingerie styles in minutes and in the privacy of your own home to help you find the sexy lingerie look that is right for you!

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